E-Inclusion – Diversity-Sensitive Use of Digital Media. Strategies for a media pedagogy based on educational theory

Bildung-oriented strategies for teaching and learning with digital media were developed and discussed on the basis of theory and empirical evidence. The goal of these strategies is equal access for all media users, regardless of their media experience, competence, or life background. On this basis, two quality characteristics for an education-oriented media didactics have been formulated: Encouraging explorative curiosity by dealing with media about media and using media according to one’s own cognitive interest.The “e-inclusion” approach is intended to contribute to a productive professional discourse in media education from an educationally and diversity-sensitive perspective.

Main publication: 

  • Heidkamp, B., & Kergel, D. (2018). E-Inclusion – Diversitätssensibler Einsatz digitaler Medien. Überlegungen zu einer bildungstheoretisch fundierten Medienpädagogik. Bielefeld: Bertelsmann.